Sheet Metal Fabrication


Assisted by rich industrial experience and modern technical knowledge, we are able to provide reliable Sheet Metal Fabrication Services. Perfectly executed, this fabrication service is broadly demanded in several industries. In order to provide dependable fabrication service, we only use the latest technology and equipment. Provided as per the different needs of the clients, this fabrication service highly acknowledged in the market owing to its cost effectiveness, timely & perfect execution.


We are reputed to be excellent in our service among both our local and National clients, mainly from various multinational organisations. Combining advanced technology, expertise and effective management, we strive to maintain high standards and produce top quality products to cater for the demands in both local and foreign markets. Working closely with our clients in creating and enhancing a long term relationship that can only strengthen our stance as we progress into the future together.


Meticulous quality control are practised at every stage of production. With latest machineries and state-of-the- art technologies, our clients are assured of high standard quality control in every aspect of the production process. Using computer technology, we achieved high precision and maximum efficiency in producing quality products, assuring unsurpassed reliability and service of the highest order. We strive for high quality control. Only the final products that meet all our stringent quality checks are supplied to our customers. Quality assurance is our commitment to our clients.


Backed by a string of track records and with more than 30 years of experience, our reliability and credibility are proven by the continuous support from our clients and our reputation in this part of the world Our emphasis on high level of productivity and efficiency are practiced at all levels in our organization.